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1. Our guided DAILY HIKING TOURS .
According to the season, the program, indicated on this site here below, can change.
Therefore better enquire without any further obligation which kind of hiking/walking trips exactly are offered during YOUR stay on the island.


(Wednesdays + Saturdays)


3. Guided E-bike trips .

You already arrived in Gran Canaria ?
Then you better do not loose more time and contact us asap.
Better contact us yourself… This way you will get our best conditions to participate and avoid extra costs to third parties.

Mail : info@joselitomoves.com
Every day* from 8am to 10pm at your disposal by phone or whatsapp  to +34 609 54 93 24 ….
* Period July to August contact only possible by mail !

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Not satisfied at the end of your excursion with us ?
Let us know directly on site, at the end of your day with us, and we reimburse your trip expenses right away.

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Testimonials after hike tours :


The coloured mountain

->  hike area = S/SW into the Inland

->  hike level = 2 OR 4 (first booking decides about level of the day because only 1 trip a day possible)

->  view on coloured mountain , panoramic views

   -) level 2 = mostly downhill

      ▲ max 250m ascent

      ▼ 400m – max 650m descent

   -) level 4 = mostly uphill, sometimes steeper

      ▲ 400-max 650m

      ▼ max 250m

->  Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17hs

->  Meeting point : depending your hotel location & price option choice.



The island Peak Region

-> hike area = Peak region – high into the island centre

-> hike level = 3

-> amazing panoramic views to different mountain tops, and more….

->  pine tree forest walk, uneven trails

-> ascent / descent :
     ▲ 350m – max 500m
     ▼ 100m – max 400m (depending trip of the day)

-> Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17hs

-> Meeting point : depending  your hotel location &  price option choice



The valley of Tirajana

-> hike area in S/SE in the Inland.

-> hike level = 2 – 3
-> nice panoramic views on the way
-> uneven trails, concrete tracks
-> earlier path for trade between 2 valleys
-> transfer south coast to/from hike area by public bus
-> ascent / descent :
     ▲ max 400m
     ▼ max 250m (depending exact trip of the day)

->  Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17hs

->  Meeting point : bus stop Plaza Hierro in Playa del Inglés  & depending price option choice



El Juncal – forgotten cave dwellings

-> hike area in S/SW above 1200m altitude

-> hike level = 3 – 4

-> tremendous panoramic view on tour

-> wonderfull view on reservoir on the way
-> trip in pine tree forest zone
-> “unknown” dwellings on the way

-> ascent / descent :
     ▲ ca 600m
     ▼ ca 350m

->  Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17hs

->  Meeting point : depending hotel location & price option choice



Jungle gorges in the north

-> hike area in N or NE – some surprising gorges available to be discovered.

-> hike level 2-4 … depending gorge of the day
-> along (small) river bed
-> depending gorge of the day also some panoramic views possible
-> „jungle“ lush vegetation

-> ascent / descent :
     ▲ 400-600m
     ▼ 400-600m (depending gorge of the day)

->  Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17hs

->  Meeting point : depending hotel location & price option choice



Hike day ….. on request .

Goal = offer our participants the possibility to choose for other itineraries then the ones offered on week days.

-> different hike levels can be asked for

-> every week different hike itinerary and hike region

-> if island already known ? Let us know where you would like to go.
-> or you also can book your place and let the itinerary surprise you positively

-> ascent / descent :
depending trip people asked for
depending trip and level of the day

->  Excursion hours : from 9 – 16/17hs (incl transfers by bus)

->  Meeting point :  fix pick up places along Maspalomas touristic area at South Coast. Also pick ups possible from other areas at South Coast



Gran Canaria  – Surprising , amazing countryside

->  Discovery trip by (mini)bus straight across the island

-> Typical canary lunch on tour

-> No-commercial stops on tour

-> Guarantee :  change of itinerary in case of too bad weather conditions intot the mountains somewhere on the way

-> Excursion hours : flexible 9 – 17.30hs

-> Meeting point : fix pick up places at South Coast depending hotel location

-> Not satisfied at the end of the tour ? ….Money back !

Participation possible from € 49,- on p.p. .

Interested ? More requests ? Contact us here for more detailed information.


Attention !!

  1. The period September to October for our hike trips sometimes we have to take into account some higher environment temperatures, mostly only on some spots or isolated valleys . However sometimes the whole island.

Therefore mentioned hike trips and itineraries here above eventually could be changed and if necessary (maybe) be organised in lower level, depending actual and local weather circumstances.


  1. You will find no detailed profiles of the hike tours in our walking program overview because :

2.a. Gran Canaria offers us a lot of different hiking possibilities even within the same region from which can be chosen in case of bad weather circumstances,

2.b. the weather conditions into upper regions into the mountains of the island and the north during the period December-March can be reason of unexpected changing of hike itinerary in the mornings,

2.c. we also work with some other hiking organisations and freelance colleagues both local and from outside the island in case necessary ,

2.d.  on request, we also try to please all those who were already with us once before by changing a planned route fit in the planned hiking area, however without changing the planned hiking level of the day,


In this way we avoid in particular with regard to the profile of a hiking day, to give you, dear site visitor, a false impression about the exact profile of your selected hiking day(s).

For several hiking days we can offer different routes of the same hiking level in the same hiking region.


  1. Several websites of different walking tour providers are at your disposal here on the island. Some with a more interesting price ans service for you than other ones or then we. Unfortunately here in Gran Canaria not all are really insured nor have the necessary official permit to guide. Be attentive therefore in this area as soon as you ask for any kind of guidance. For your own security we therefore recommend that you first and above all find out if the provider and guide, chosen by you, indeed has the necessary permits and insurances on paper to guide you .. .

Ask on site or by mail to get a look on the necessary permits from your hiking guide/hiking organisation before you realize your booking.

You can find our license and official registration with the government already below (click on the license mark with the “I” + registration number in yellow). If you still would have more questions about this subject ? Do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. You doubt whether we as a tour provider now would be the most appropriate for you for your guided tour(s)? Than we like to say : Just try us. And if you would not be 100% satisfied with our service provided at the end of your first participation? We give you the guarantee to repay you a part of the paid participation fee, AND we will, if required, propose another colleague to you for any other (walking) tour. So you will not have to loose any time to find another one for a second trip …if really wanted.


  1. Because, in addition to the stipulated day hiking program above, we also put ourselves available to guide exclusive (week)hiking program(s) especially for groups. It can happen that at times our daily hike trips nor our sightseeing bus excursion can be offered at all because of … not available. However, for such periods we also work along with some freelance colleagues here with whom we then can check which hiking opportunities through them could be offered to you , if requested.


  1. In case, next to your hike activitiy/activities, you also would like to organise/offer a (half) day excursion to your less active partner, relatives, children, friends, etc. …, who joined you on holiday ? We also can offer you and organise non-active excursions to the beautiful inland of Gran Canaria by (private) bus exclusively for you, provided timely request.

Our motto here is : “You tell us where you want to go into the island… and we drive you and take care of an extra non-forgettable day or evening for you !”

See you on our tours !!