Detail descriptions of our hike levels :

(1) Low

Depending the route of the day, between 50 and 300m ascent, differences in altitude uphill. and 50-300m descent, differences in altitude downhill. These hikes are suitable for everybody with a basic physical condition or more. We partially walk on uneven mountain tracks, and concrete roads. Tracks not too steep up nor downhill. Mostly wide tracks and paths. ( max. 1 hour uphill in total on the way). Loose stones and gravel on the tracks always possible. But trails mostly not too stony.

Time on the way on foot : 2,5-3 hours (incl. scenery + picnic stop)

(2) Low – Medium

Hike level between low, and medium. Trip even more smoothly downhill than uphill. More uneven subsoil possible( more loose stones). Trip also suitable for non-experienced hikers/ramblers.

Time on the way on foot : 3-3,5 hours. (incl. scenery + picnic stop)

(3) Medium

Depending the route of the day, between 300 to max 500m ascent. Tracks/Paths uphill maximum 1,5-2 hours of length, possibly steep(er) on the way. Smaller footpaths possible than lower levels, but not dangerous. The routes on this level normally no problem for people with a bit of acrophobia.

Time on the way on foot : 3,5-4 hours. (incl. scenery + picnic stop)

(4) Medium – High

Similar to medium trips, but steeper and longer uphill parts in total possible. Depending route of the day rising up to max 700m ascent.

OR rather a more adventurous trip = partially along small and more uneven paths and/or low-hanging bushes on the way.
A better physical condition is recommended for this kind of trip.  

Time on the way on foot : 4-4,5 hours. (incl. scenery + picnic stop)

(5) High

Depending route of the day ascents between min 900 and max 1200m. Steeper, longer parts uphill of 2-3 hours possible. Descent parts bluffer down, possible on very stony surface.

For sportive people who are fit enough and not afraid for some extra challenge “here and there”.

Time on the way on foot : 4,5-6 hours. (incl. scenery + picnic stop)

On request also can be organised for you :
– level 5 hike tours ,
– private tours from 1 participant on ,
– special hike trips for your own (little?) group .

Or also combination-excursions by which (short?)hiking/walking can be combined with, for example, an extra visit into an old city part on the island, a winehouse with wine tasting, a visit to museum, etc… .