Team and mission of JoselitoMoves


Who is …WHO ?


We, José and Carine, are very HAPPY TO WELCOME YOU on this more “personal” page of our website.

After 14 years being active as a bike and hike guide , mainly for another company owner. Time was ready to start a new challenge in 2014.

We are glad having started a new beginning in our life here on Gran Canaria, still “our” island of our dreams. Now with our own completely independant project with the name “JoselitoMoves, our small company officially founded October 1, 2014.

But, yes with a guiding experience on the island of over 15 years now ! In the meantime we indeed already live and work here in Gran Canaria since …1999.

And now we make part of a list of legal and official registrated people and companies here in the Canaries (part of Spain) , officially as “Broker-Intermediary in Tourism”, ready to listen to your needs for your holiday and guiding you , as soon as you want to !

Our goals :

In general respond to your needs and desires to fill in your vacation goals, and guide you on the spot.


  1. Above all guide hiking/rambling excursions of different levels , for and with you here on site, individually and for groups .
  2. Offer our guests unforgettable beautiful days with guided excursions into the island interior.
  3. Be available too for people who do not like to hike or walk. But who also like to discover the magnificant aspects of the inland by car or by bus, guided .
  4. Continuing working close together with other colleagues freelance (hiking) guides for expending our excursion offer possibilities for you in general on site, as well on some other canary islands….and outside !
  5. As well use our contacts on site for other forms of excursions if requested.


In other words our main activity will stay GUIDING OF ALWAYS SURPRISING WONDERFUL HIKING TRIPS in Gran Canaria. Easy ones as well as tougher tours.


But, if, for example, you would like to get to know the interior of this beautiful island of Gran Canaria in a less active way, in private or with others on tour ?

Or your friends, family members, etc.. on holiday with you, but searching for other forms of guided excursions on the land for themselves, in private or with others on tour ?


Next to our daily hiking program we also can be of your service for less or totally NON-hiking excursions on land !

Let us know what kind of excursion form you, and or your family and friends, etc…. are interested in to to do. We will have a look for you if it can be done. And we do you an offer so that you could get more unforgettable memories, guided by us or not.


Depending your request and type of excursion asked for, we use our van, private (mini) bus, or also even the public bus if requested to discover this amazing , surprising island…..inside !

NOT in an illegal way as some others like to offer their trips. But yes, with official insurance AND necessary licences! Because also YOUR safety and security feeling make part of our concern !


And as soon as you got to know us and Gran Canaria itself. And you would like to get to know more other destinations? We also will be happy to help you in your search for guided walks on the other canary islands La Palma, Gomera, Teneriffa or Lanzarote. Also outside the canary archipielago, for the moment, we also already have reliable contacts available for guided hiking in La Provence in France, and in Slovenia…. .

It doesn´t matter if you travel as a group or individually. We are expending our network of reliable colleagues who are working independent on a freelance basis, or working for official registered agencies.


We are NO travel agency. Therefore we cannot organise for you a “total combination package holiday”, included hotel or other kind of holiday residence. Because everybody has his specific needs concerning a residence for holiday. We prefer to leave the search, choice and booking of holiday residence up to you, consulting the internet or your local travel agent.

Depending the activity program you would like to arrange with us, of course we can recommend some things on this level.



Who exactly are we now ?

3.1Carine   Berten


Year of birth : 1960

Residence : Gran Canaria , the island of eternal spring, Spain

Nationality : Belgian

Civil status : married with José Vanderveken

Current job : Administrative coordinator and secretary in the


Languages knowledge :

  • Dutch/Flemish (= mother language)
  • English, Spanish (good up to very good level)

German and French (lower to good level)






The first 2 years of our “new life” in Gran Canaria, being the mother of 2 upgrowing daughters, I stayed home to take care of them before and after school time.

As soon as we found our daughters independent enough, I got the opportunity as a receptionist of a wellness centre in one of the so many hotels here in the south of the island.

Now I am helping out my husband, mostly as his secretary and if needed also as his “supporting guide on tour” during some of his (hike) trips.

Since our emigration from Hasselt (Belgium) to Maspalomas

in 1999, together with our children, , we always have been,

and continue to be at the service of everyone who likes to

explore the island in an active or non-active way with our guidance during his/her stay in Gran Canaria.

I hereby invite you , dear website visitor, to be one of them too !




Our 2 lovely daughters, Elke and Connie, now adult ladies are both married. Elke with Yeray. Connie with Chencho. 2 phantastic spanish/canarish guys, both born and raised on the island.


In the meantime we also are the proud grandparents of …4 wonderful grandchildren :

– Yarey, born in October 2005 ,

– Dylan, born in May 2009 ,

– Neyzan, born June 2012, and

– Aura, born in December 2012 .


And, no, our 4 grandchildren wouldn´t be here with us if Yeray and Chencho, our 2 sons in law, didn´t meet and find our 2 daughters….   Or….. was it the other way round ?

3.1 José Vanderveken



Year of birth : 1960

Residence : Gran Canaria , Spain

Nationality : Belgian

Married with Carine Berten

Current job + hobby :

  • hiking, trekking tours guide
  • also guiding other non-active excursions

Language knowledge :

– Dutch/Flemisch (= mother language)

– English, French , German (good to very good level)

– Spanish (good level)



In July 1999, after about 2 years of preparation on different levels, together with my wife and 2 daughters I emigrated from Belgium to Gran Canaria, Spain to become a guide for active, at that time only MTB and bicycle, sight-seeing excursions for a wide range of public, mainly tourists staying here for their holidays in the most important tourist centre in the south of this island, Maspalomas/Playa del Inglés.

My wife , ……still being my beloved partner AND now also secretary today, followed me with the same high level of enthousiasm. My 2 daughters, Elke and Connie, at that time 12 respectively 10 years young, on the contrary yes

unfortunately for them and their friends and family at home, they ….had to follow us. Because yes that emigration step in 1999 was a decision with the intention to stay….for lifetime .


Our daughters both are now happily married here and (very)busy with their husbands, jobs and both 2 kids. Besides my motherI, now still being husband and father, am proud, very proud of my 3 most important women in my life. Nobody will be able to say how our lives would have been when we would have stayed “at home”, in Belgium in 1999.


But since we took the plane , one way, we all 4, and each in own specific way, all with the inevitable ups and downs in life, have successfully found the new and stable path in life until today.




A big number of people, guests from earlier time, know me from the first years of my “new professional life” that time here in Gran Canaria, when I was a member of the guide teams of the companies :

  • España Bike (1999-2002), and
  • Happy Biking & Hiking (2002-2014).


The first years I was “only” active as mountainbike and trekking bike tour guide. Step by step, I started to guide more and more hiking trips of different levels. And since 2006 indeed ….now almost only guiding hikers and ramblers who want to discover stress-free and relaxed the beautiful, real side of this fantastic small volcanic spot in the Atlantic Ocean, which indeed is this island Gran Canaria. Without worrying about the bigger and smaller details of excursion organisation.

So that they could and still can deal with the most important thing of each excursion, namely …. carefree enjoying the beautiful nature on the way, every excursion again .


Gran Canaria has been formed by several volcanic eruptions in the past, some thousands to millions of years ago. The surprising different landscapes and different climate zones make it a mini-continent.

This, and the mostly very nice (sub-tropic) climate invite us to discover it on foot . But also for other kind of guided excursions, in group or individually, Gran Canaria can be “your perfect place to be”.


With my several years of experience as a guide I like to stay available to show you the way with hiking tours of different levels of difficulty. In addition, we also offer you other types of trips to the interior of the country on request…far away of mass tourism.


Our plans on business level for the future now are amongst other things :

expend our network, and work together with other reliable professional (hike)colleagues.

respect the client as a person and with his personal wishes for holiday planning.

be part of a network of serious and professional guides, male and female in ALL canary islands. On long term we believe that cooperation and dialogue with mutual respect are much more useful and meaningful than jealousy or only pure, sometimes unfair competition.

A network in which our guests can rely on , above all, for their guided hike and other excursions. And thus, continu to offer the best possible service to further fair and justified prices.

Cooperation YES for the benefit of the client ! Our many satisfied guests are our best confirmation.

please our clients offering them a personal service.


Believe us : this mini-continent really welcomes you to be discovered !!

And if you would like to, we are available for you, dear website visitor, to guide you here on the spot !


After 15 years of experience here in Gran Canaria, mainly as a biking and hiking guide , I really know what I’m talking about. That is why I am pleased, along with my wife, being able to continue to be at your service, since October 2014 with our own fully independent project named “JoselitoMoves”!


You are hereby invited to experience one or more guided hiking/rambling tours and/or other kind of trips with us to explore the inland !

We are convinced already now : once you got to know better the best corners of this island in “a different way then most of the others”. We would not be surprised you probably will get the unstoppable feeling – as many others did already before you !to explore more here …..and therefore…. to come back !


Of course you ultimately decide if you wish to be guided by us on site. But we are already there for you as soon as you want to !!!

Looking forward to get to

know YOU also , on tour !