The peak region      

Your time is short ....Let´s go Together !

Excursion details : Impressions on tour


> peak – centre region of the island

> different routes available for different participations if desired  

> amazing views over center of the island with also the Roque Nublo, Pico de las nieves, Pico del Teide, etc….

General tour description

On this hiking tour we can experience very good the differences between the drier south side, and the north of Gran Canaria with his higher level of humidity and differences in vegetation. We walk through pine forest and glades, smelling mint, sage, and broom. In good weather circumstances(=mostly!) we enjoy fantastic views reaching as far as Tenerife with the highest mountain of Spain, the Pico de Teide(3730m), and sometimes even to La Gomera, two of the other canary islands in the west. Also our mighty Roque Nublo (1813m), Gran Canaria´s main landmark and Pico de las Nieves (1949m), the island´s highest top we will be able to admire.

Hike area

centre of the island – near…or to peak of Gran Canaria

Altitude hike area of the day

Depending itinerary of the day, route possible between 1400 and 1900m altitude .

Ascents/Descents (in total)

1  350m – max 500m    

pijl  100m – max 400m

(Exact numbers always depending itinerary of the day)

Distance of the trip

8,5 km – 10 km (depending itinerary of the day) .

Estimated duration on foot on the way

aprox. 3,5-4 hours (incl scenery and picnic stops on the way)

Language guidance on tour

Language tour guiding depending participants. Also possible in English.

Estimated duration total excursion

= DAY EXCURSION (=minimum 7 hours when staying at the South Coast of the island)

Terrain – type of tracks

uneven tracks, gravel on trails, forest tracks with fallen pine tree needles.


– short and/or long trousers

– sweater and/or (rain)coat (chilly or wet conditions possible into the mountains in winter time!)

– pocket money (for stop into local bar after the tour)

– Sun cream, sun hat, good mood

– walking pole and binoculars to consider

– rucksack / backpack or similar

– walking boots or studded/ridge sole trainers


* No good shoes available or …forgotten at home ?

Light walking shoes available to rent – Ask for it when signing up !

Minimum number of participants to start

4 . 

(in hike season no problem to reach this number)

Individual booking possible !

Private excursions, also with less participants …. on request.

Price options

Participation already possible from 25 € pp on, depending chosen service level . Have a look to our service details here below :

Our services - Rates – Price options

Our services + Rates + Price options


  • All prices are in €uros, and valid for the period September,1 to May,31. Subject to involuntary errors and possible changes.

You would like to be on the road with us between June and August ? Than you better contact us first to get to know more which possibilities we maybe coud have for you during your stay. In this period we prefer to keep everything depending the local weather circumstances , and we than try to work more depending the requests of our clients. Also non-active excursions even are possible with us than….to discover the island stress free.


  • We offer you 4 different price options (A-D) because we mostly can offer our excursions in DIRECT sale. This way we avoid the often high commission amounts to third parties (tour operators + external sellers) here on the spot for example. Depending on your service needs and the situation when signing up, you will see that you eventually can participate from 25 € per person (adult) per excursion on. The choice, yes we like to leave that up … to you.


  • EVERY hike tour out of our day tour program with more than 6 participants , JoselitoMoves donates 1 t-shirt by lottery to 1 lucky participant .


  • You have following price options for participation at your disposal :


– Option A = Basic prices



A.1. Day tours hiking on Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday

= 39 € pp Adults

= 31 € pp Children(6-12 y) + IC-Residents*


A.2. Half day tour hiking : only possible on Sunday on request

=25 € pp Adults

= 20 € pp Children(6-12 y) + Gran Canaria Residents*


A.3. Day tour hiking on Wednesday (= transfers by public bus)

= 29 € pp Adults

= 25 € pp Children(6-12 y) + Gran Canaria Residents*

A.4. Day tour hiking for the Good Cause

From 25 € pP + ..?.. ALL participants

*For residents : Please also bring your IC-resident certificate with you.


SERVICES incl by A.1. to A.4. , both included :


  • multilingual guiding – also english
  • explanations about country and people in the bus as well as on tour
  • “small canary surprise” at the end of the trip
  • 1 JoselitoMoves t-shirt for free from 6 participants on on tour
  • liability insurance + necessary authorisations for transfers
  • an unforgettable holiday day
  • transfers from the meeting point of the day in Maspalomas to the hiking area and back :

A.1. + A. 2. Common JoselitoMoves meeting point at the Botanical Garden = “Parque botanico de Maspalomas” (= at the north end of the Avda TO Neckermann in the “Campo Internacional / Maspalomas”. Next to the bungalow complex “Playmar”) .

3. Meeting point = bus stop at roundabout “Plaza El Hierro” in Playa del Inglés

A.4. Meeting point = pick up places in Maspalomas after agreement in the area of Bahía Feliz to Playa Meloneras.


– Option B = extra pickup service on request :


Same services as by options A.1 to A.4. , but with extra personal pick up from hotel or nearby on request .

Rates for this extra pick up service depending location hotel :

Zone Bahia Feliz – Playa = +4 €/Person
Meloneras = +10 €/Person
Zone Salobre = +10 €/Person (except SW Tour = 4 € pP)
Zone Arguineguin-Playa del Cura = +12 €/Person (except SW Tour = 4 € pP)
Zone Puerto de Mogan-Taurito = +12 €/Person (except E Tour = 4 € pP)
Zone Vecindario


(Vecindario = only possible at tank station by roundabout next to the commercial center C.C. Atlantico)

  • Other pick up places = only possible depending walking area of the day. We recommend to inform yourself.


– Option C = extra services on request :


C.1. JoselitoMoves picnic ….for on the way = for ONLY 7 € per person !

(= 1 sandwich(also vegetarian possible), piece of fruit, 150ml juice + 1,5 lt water or +….)

Please let us know if allergy problems have to be taken into account !


C.2. Telescope hiking poles rental = 2,- € per pole (bamboo poles for free)


C.3. Hike shoes rental = 5,- € per pair

Shoe rental only possible for the daytours on Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday, to be request at the moment of reservation.


– Option D = participation with private car , or rental car :


Costs = 25 € per person(= + 12 years) , also IC-residents*

Participation in this option means driving yourself to/from the hiking area. In case also children (6-12y) in your car: for them in this case only will have to be payed for the additional service requests , mentioned in option C .


Attention : booking for this option D participation is only possible if the hiking bus already is full booked at the moment of your booking, or if you do not stay within our pick-up zone (= zone Vecindario to Puerto de Mogan at the South coast of Gran Canaria) or hike tour transfer zone , and therefore cannot be picked up by us in the morning.

Only maximum 2 extra cars on tour possible.

Option D NOT possible for “Good Cause” and Wednesday walks .


SERVICE of JoselitoMoves by option D includes :

  • professional (multilingual) guidance on the walk, also in english.
  • support on the way during car transfers from meeting point to hiking area, and also back if necessary.
  • explanation about country and people only possible during the walk itself.
  • “small canary surprise” at the end of the walk
  • liability insurance, only applicable to the walk itself. The car driver him/herself is responsible for his/her driving style during the personal car transfers before and after the walk.
  • an unforgettable holiday day
  • option D service only possible on some walks. (necessary information on request)

Personal meeting in hotel preferable ?

Meeting to arrange excursion participation(s) possible in your

accommodation on request (only zone Playa del Inglés-Maspalomas)

Good to know

Hiking experience as well as wearing solid (walking) shoes recommended.

Meeting points – contacts

Meeting point for participation depends :

> your price option choice between A.1, B and D, and

> the location of your hotel on the island and exact hike route of the day.

Necessary appointments are forwarded by reservation .


>> Participation with place reservation in our JoselitoMoves HIKE BUS


Common meeting point at South Coast – Maspalomas area


Available for today ..Tuesday.. + also Monday + Thursday + Friday.

Meeting point = Entrance Botanical Park of Maspalomas (= „Parque Botánico de Maspalomas at North End of the avenue „Avenida TO Neckermann“ in „“Campo Internacional“, next to the accommoation „Playmar“)


Appointment = around 9am (standard) , after reservation for the trip .

*Possibilities to find exact location of the botanical garden easily :

-asking your hotel reception

-looking on every (paper or digital) street map of Maspalomas.

-by using these links „Map view + Street view Parque botánico de Maspalomas“ :      

Map view

Street view


Extra pick up places at South Coast


= extra costs for personal pick up at your hotel or nearby. Pick up place and time depending location of your hotel.

But always before 9am. Correct pick up appointments are made with you as soon as you make your booking.

You do not stay in the South Coast area of Gran Canaria ?

Meeting point then above all things depending of the location of your accommodation on the island and the exact itinerary of the day . Do not hesitate to contact us for the necessary details.

Also contact possible by phone or whatsapp to the nº +34 609 549 324 .

>>> Participation with OWN CAR OR RENTAL CAR

You do not stay in the South Coast area of Gran Canaria ?

Participation option D is limited !

For more details about this participation option : have a look to our services + rates in the yellow information line here above.

Meeting point depending :

> location of your stay,

> if you have a navigation system available in your (rental)car …or not, and

> the exact itinerary of the day.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the necessary details. Also possible by phone or whatsapp to the nº +34 609 549 324 .